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Why Purchase Old Technology when You can Benefit from BeltWides New Technology

The EPS trays made under the BeltWide name, feature unique cell designs that allow for highest density molding and price convenience – or light density molding at the best price. These trays are 20 – 25% less deep than a conventional EPS tray. University research states that there were no differences in plant size due to tray depth.And that shallow trays can be used without reducing transplant quality.

TRAYS THAT WICK!! With tobacco trays the cell shape is everything and that’s why BeltWide trays wick best!

Only BeltWide features this unique cell design that allows for perfect wicking.

BeltWide 288 trays are 2” deep and is molded at 2.5 pounds of density.

The highest in its class molded density of BeltWide trays resists plant root penetration into the cells,

BeltWide 338 The same cell design used for the BW 288, and is molded at 2.5 pounds density. It is 1.75” deep.

Additional cell sizes available:

Traditional cell shape trays are also available in high and lower density. However, why buy old technology when you can have Beltwides new technology at about the same price.

Find out why everyone is talking about “The Tray That Wicks”

When you combine this tray with BeltWides’ Gold media, you leave everyone else in the dirt!