Field Transplants

Cross Creek Seed Company


Cross Creek Seed of Raeford, North Carolina, USA is a complete seed company offering flue-cured, burley and dark tobacco varieties to the United States and International Markets. Cross Creek produces and markets only the highest quality seed, thus ensuring the purity of tobacco lines and the integrity of all seed. Every burley variety sold has been screened for low converters. All varieties are tested for GMO.

Cross Creek Seed, working with its partner coating company Cross Creek Coating of Raeford, NC, USA provides a melt coat pellet that sets the standard for tobacco pellets. Cross Creek seeks to serve the tobacco industry with superior seed in a superior pellet.

In 2011, Cross Creek Seed was pleased to partner with Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company to produce commercially available, certified organic tobacco seed. In 2006, Cross Creek Coating’s tobacco pellet was recognized by Quality Certification Services-a USDA and ISO Guide 65 accredited certification program-as meeting all requirements for use in organic production.

Today Cross Creek Seed, has emerged as one of the premiere tobacco seed companies in the world. Its facilities have grown to include over 375 acres of tobacco production and tobacco breeding; climate controlled breeding greenhouses; full service seed cleaning, treatment pelleting, and storage facilities; commercial tobacco transplant production; and greenhouse tray sterilization. Moreover, the breeding program at Cross Creek Seed is one of the largest in the world, working in conjunction with many of the world’s largest tobacco companies, enabling Cross Creek Seed to provide some of the most profitable, high quality tobacco seed around the globe, with active sales in more than 32 countries and on every habitable continent.

Cross Creek Seed is proud to represent itself as a full service tobacco seed company which is able to breed, produce, treat, pellet, package and sale seed all from Cross Creek Seed’s facilities located in Raeford, North Carolina. No other tobacco seed company in the US can make that claim.