Presented here are a collections of all the videos that appear throughout Transplant Systems’ website. They are assembled here for your convenience. ¬†We will continually be adding new videos to this site, so we invite you to visit us often to view them. We will also be featuring videos on various farming operations on this site. Be sure to come back often to see if any new farming operations are featured.


Media Particle Size Distribution

Particle Size Distribution Demonstration

Lambert Peat Moss

Canadian Peat Bog Harvesting & Restoration

Dr David Reed Presentation on the Plastic Float Tray

Transplant Systems Pro-Grower TS40 Hi-Volume Drum Seeder

Cross Creek Seed Testimony on the Pro-Grower TS40 Hi-Volume Drum Seeder


Transplant Systems Super Seeder System at Collie Farms


Transplant Systems Water Bed Equalizer

Cross Creek Seed Company

Evidence of Fine Texture Soil Mix Holds More Water than A Coarse Texture Mix

Problems Associated with a Fine Texture Soil Mix in a Float System